{ [WANT] Circle Lens }

So.. I've actually been wanting a pair of these for a reeeealllly long time =) I think tho just the sheer fear of trying to put them in is what's scary. Plus, they're almost like tampons.. you can only have them in for so long or they will mess up your eyes.. but damn are they still cute!! The more and more I look at them I want them all;; Sadly they only last for a year.. but I guess for the price it's not too bad.

LOVE! I think I want the purple ones =) and then after trying them maybe get a blue pair.. but there's SO many different violet styles even!

Price: - includes free case
Site: http://eyecandylens.com
Duration: Last for 1 year, disposable

{ posted: Monday, February 28, 2011 , 07:08 a.m. }

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{ omg }
song: hypercrush

OK! So after how many hours.. I has updated my page! YAAY! I hate being so picky because yea.. this seriously took me all day -o-

So yesh.. I'm gonna use this to try and motivate myself. *snicker* we will see how well that works but yeah.

Some of my friends said too they liked seeing my FB posts because it was like living a day in the life of me.. lol so I guess this will be a little more in depth than just 140 characters.

This is just the tester post since I'm finally done =D I reeaaallly need to get back to cleaning; and I need to make a smoke run~ and I have some plans in my head as well if they have anything cool~...

I will start my I want I wish I need list later.. dunno if i should keep the cliques or not just yet.. or put my lists over there.. mmmm

{ posted: Monday, February 28, 2011 , 01:15 a.m. }

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